Get individual letters for cakes from Melbourne’s & Australia’s top supplier

Tops for Cakes is your top supplier of cake toppers, including individual letters for cakes, not far from Melbourne. We have fun, elegant and sophisticated toppers that are all made of food safe materials, so you can be sure they won’t affect the deliciousness of your cake, but will work wonders on its appearance.

Any important celebration asks for a wonderful cake to top it all off. Think back to your childhood years, what was the one thing you were always looking forward to, whenever there was a party, family get together or special even coming up? It has, and always will be, the cake we are most excited about and with our individual letters for cakes, you can now personalise your desserts to look even more appealing.

Add someone’s initials to your cake, wish them farewell, a happy birthday or express your gratitude. With our individual letters for cakes, you can express your feelings and thoughts, right there on top of the torte. If you want to find out more about our range of products or to discuss your specific needs with us, please contact us now on 0403 397 800 or complete our online contact form here.

Fonts we use

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